This is the Mac App Store in MacOS 10.14 Mojave

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The Mac App Store is available in its current form since 2011. However, many app developers found that Apple only treated it neglectfully. Especially against the backdrop that statistics show how much more revenue the App Store can bring to developers with its curated app stories.

Mac App Store Completely New in Mojave

That has As a result, some Mac developers no longer offered their apps on the Mac App Store, but instead on their own websites. Apple did not want to let it sit on its own and turned the online store for Mac apps into the upcoming Mojave.

You can see at first glance Daily new stories about how some apps were created. You’ll also receive suggestions based on the software you’ve already purchased through a special “Discover” tab.

Videos and more Communication

Also “new” for the Mac App Store is the addition Information about the apps. App developers can also submit videos for their apps in Mojave to present their software to the user in moving pictures.

In addition, both developers and users can communicate with each other through app app evaluation dialogs. Write a review, the app developer can answer. You can then adjust your review again, and so on. You probably know this from iOS 11.

Firsthand Tips and Aid

Apple will not only tell stories, but also To offer tips and help first-hand. Look forward to seeing the online store as your point of contact in the future as to what you can do best with the software.

Prominence is Coming Back

Apple has called for a “restart” of the Mac App Store get prominent support. If you install the new Mojave on your Mac in the fall, you can also buy Microsoft Office 365, Lightroom CC from Adobe, BBEdit from Bare Bones, Transmit from Panic, Live Studio from Snap Inc., and Houseparty. These apps were last searched in vain in the App Store.

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