This is what an iPhone with a triple camera could look like – Various concepts presented

Last year, Apple launched three new iPhone models. While two are based on its predecessors, the iPhone X is completely redesigned despite familiar elements. Also in 2018 there could be another change. The latest rumors that Apple should work on an iPhone with a triple camera. The mock-up designer Martin Hajek has accepted this and created several concepts for iDropNews that we would like to share with you.

Before the iPhone X was introduced last year , dual cameras were arranged horizontally on the iPhone. The first OLED iPhone changed this formula and therefore also serves as a model for future hardware generations. Although there are still a few months until the public is presented the new iPhone, but the rumors are already bubbling. This year, not only will there be three new devices, but Apple could turn the dual camera into a triple camera for the first time. Huawei has already introduced the P20 Pro, a first smartphone with a triple camera, so that Apple once again takes on the pursuit role in this area.

The designer Martin Hajek has shown all sorts of interesting concepts in the past and most recently hit the mark on the iPhone X. Now he has developed various concepts for a triple-camera iPhone. In some, the third camera is part of the camera hump and not in others. Hajek also plays in the concepts of the True Tone Flash.

An idea stands out in particular. Therein the lightning does not seem to be visible. The designer has integrated this into the edge of the camera's hump so that it appears as a kind of ring flash and could provide interesting results. In the following gallery you can also examine the other concepts. Which one do you like best?

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