Tim Cook as Donald Trump?

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Finally someone says something, but what does he actually say? In a tweet, Axl Rose got carried away by this comparison.

Why does Rose Cook compare to Trump?

It is unclear why the singer does this comparison. As a compliment he was not thinking. This results in the analysis of the Twitter account of the musician. For he has already published dozens of negative tweets about the current US president, with whose work he seems dissatisfied.

Rose has been using his Twitter account since 2009, but has so far released only under 300 tweets. It’s also the first time the musician has commented on Apple. However, the band Guns N ‘Roses also releases their songs via Apple Music and does business with the iPhone manufacturer from Cupertino.

Does Apple earn on the backs of the musicians?

Interesting in this context the note from Shona Ghosh of Business Insider. She points to a comment by “Def Leppard” guitarist Phil Collen. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the music streaming already in 2016. Any manager of a company, Collen said then, would “pocket” the money others earn for him.

It is precisely this business model that Donald Trump is pursuing. Dozens of documentaries show how the reigning US president earned his living in the past, especially through the sale of the Trump brand. He has worked for years on television appearances and marketing. In the meantime, for example, real estate with the money of strangers is being built worldwide, but they bear the name Trump. Thus, debt financed real estate in Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan or the Philippines.

Apple between philanthropist and capitalism

Only the musicians founded Tidal and the platform Napster pay so far more money for music streaming than Apple. Spotify pays almost half of Apple and YouTube pays a tenth of what Apple transfers to musicians.

But music streaming, according to Apple’s Jimmy Iovine, is a downsizing business or just an extra service. But then the company has to make money from other products to subsidize the product. That’s the case with Apple. But that has led to Tidal’s bankruptcy.

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