Tim Cook calls ‘well-thought-out regulation’ for Facebook

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As news agency reports Bloomberg, the Facebook Controversy is another sign that "well-thought-out" rules are needed to protect user privacy, according to Apple CEO Tim Cook on the China Dev elopment Forum.

Cook explained that the current situation between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica has become "so appalling" and far-reaching that "probably" regulation is needed. In addition, Cook noted that companies have access to the data that Facebook should not even own.

"The ability for everyone to know what he's been looking for, who his contacts are, who their contacts are, what they like and dislike, and every intimate detail of their lives - in my view, such a thing should not exist."

Cook also explains that Apple has long been worried and worried about the privacy of its users. He fears that people will divulge valuable information without necessarily knowing what they are doing.

In March 2018, it was announced that Cambridge Analytica based its activities on records that its parent company SCL owned by a company called Global Science Research (GSR) bought. GSR used an app to conduct personality tests with American Facebook users, who agreed to access their profiles and contacts at the end of each test. This collected enormous amounts of data. The total of more than 50 million records formed the basis for the work of Cambridge Analytica in US election campaigns, according to Wikipedia.

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