Tim Cook disagrees with tracking the web

If you’re browsing web pages on macOS Mojave or iOS 12 in Safari, Apple’s browser will protect you even better against tracking.

Tracking Where You Can not Believe It

Tim Cook explained on stage that advertisers resort to drastic means. With adblockers and filters in software blocking ad tracking, advertisers would switch to other elements.

Tracking continues cheerfully through form fields of commenting on web pages or like buttons for Facebook and others social networks. This is a nonsense in Cook’s eyes, as he emphasizes, inter alia, to the CNN channel in an interview.

Tim Cook: Privacy A Fundamental Right

In conversation with CNN but also with NPR Cook emphasizes that privacy is a fundamental right for him.

Indeed, despite the use of artificial intelligence, Apple has done a lot in this area over the last two years. Apple uses only anonymized data sets for machine learning and calls this differential privacy. If 1000 people say to the algorithm: Yes, in the photo is a cat, and not a dog, that gets smarter with time in this way. However, Apple does not know which 1000 people have photos of cats.

Apple does not trade with data

That’s why Tim Cook vigorously contradicted a New York Times report that Facebook also sent data to Apple passed on. The iPhone maker has no interest in the relationship status of its customers or their favorite dishes.

That Apple has a cooperation with Facebook (te) does not deny Cook. It has integrated features in iOS to help users share their photos or videos and messages on the social network. In the context, of course, the company got access to certain data.

In fact, Cook has also picked up public scolding from Facebook’s Zuckerberg in 2018 because not all people could “afford” Apple’s idea of ​​privacy. The Facebook boss alluded to the high prices for Apple’s devices. In the same breath he defended the opinion that his social network was “free”.

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