Tim Cook: iPhone X is our Super Bowl prize

Much has been speculated about the iPhone X. Not only before Apple introduced the current high-end model, but also afterwards. Never before has a smartphone from Cupertino been so expensive, so many went for significantly lower sales than their predecessors. Quite exact numbers were not announced yesterday, but Apple can be read out of the published data but a tendency. Overall, the number of iPhone models sold grew by 3 percent, but sales even increased by 14 percent. So, the expensive iPhone X is likely to make a not too small contribution to the sales.

As MacRumors reports, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook went into more detail about the iPhone X during the presentation of the quarterly figures, of course, without giving exact figures. “Since we split the iPhone models with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2014, this is the first quarter in which the high-end iPhone is also the most popular.” A comparison with the US sport Football and their “Championship” shows, however, that Apple would still have hoped for something more: “I think it’s like a team wins the Super Bowl. Maybe you want the team to win with more points, but the main thing is the winner. That’s how we feel. “

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