Tim Cook meets Donald Trump, wants to prevent trade war with China

Donald Trump has died in the Verg weeks and months of sanctions in trade with some countries arranged for some products. The European Union has so far been spared penalties. But the US president is particularly against China.

Apple boss Tim Cook against trade war

Tim Cook would like to prevent that. The Fortune business magazine reports that today's Tuesday afternoon (local time), the Apple boss meets with the US president to discuss this topic.

Apple's position in this conflict is described as practice-oriented and mediating between the two governments (US and China). The US company benefits from cooperation with many Chinese suppliers. It is said that Apple would like to propose changes (for international trade) instead of watching a trade war break in.

Apple in China's crosshairs?

Tim Cook himself hits again and again senior political leaders in different countries to promote the company and its approach. Nevertheless, there are countries where economic activity is more difficult. Apple, for example, had to make concessions in India and establish production facilities to sell its smartphones there in the long term.

In China, the iPhone maker is confronted with other health and safety laws as well as censorship and privacy issues. In those cases, Tim Cook has tried several times to mediate. The company apparently fears getting into the crosshairs of the local government in China. A Chinese Communist Party newspaper said Apple was one of the US companies most likely to suffer a trade war. The mention of Apple in the news article could even represent a subtle threat from the Chinese government is speculated.

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