Tim Cook: "Users do not want a fusion of iOS and macOS."

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At the educational keynote a few weeks ago Apple’s CEO Tim Cook spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald, reiterating once again that iPad and MacBook will remain separate devices: “Both [iPad und Mac] are incredible. One of the reasons for that is that we have developed it so far. If we started to merge with each other, then we would have to start making compromises. […] I do not think users want that. “For Cook, both are device classes and operating systems for different deployment scenarios. He himself would use his Mac in the office and put on the iPad at home and while traveling.

They grow together a bit

Even if Apple does not merge iOS and macOS, the operating systems will continue to grow together. The collaboration between the systems is regularly expanded and one of the functions of iOS 12 and macOS 10.14 to become universal apps for iPad and Mac. Developers would only have to develop one app and customers could use the same professional applications on both devices. However, these rumors are not yet confirmed. Apple will comment on this at the earliest at the WWDC developer conference in June.

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Tim Cook: Business, Career, and Life Lessons by the CEO of Apple [Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, Walter Isaacson]

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