Tinder will have a feed for Facebook style content

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Tinder is a new step towards turning into a true social networking, adding a section where we find pictures and posts made by other users in the mobile app

The content feed is Tinder's interpretation of the Facebook timeline, just in place of news and specific Facebook posts will find the recent activity of "matching" contacts previously. Users will be able to leave comments on newly added photos and return to the contacts that have attracted attention. We can also start conversations from the content feed, choosing from a long list of previously added matches

To simplify the choice of the right person, each contact in the feed has added easily visible descriptions, containing essential details such as occupation and distance to the person.

The Tinder feed test version, which was publicly demonstrated last December, also includes photos taken from the Instagram network, complemented by the Tinder profile. Meanwhile, this feature has been eliminated, possibly, so as not to disturb those users who want to separate the work they have on Tinder from the other social networks

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