TOP 10 Android and iOS apps in March 2018, by number of downloads

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In March of the year, the most popular ten applications for the Android operating system were downloaded 299 million times. Top of the list is WhatsApp, with 75 million downloads, according to Statista and Priori Data

The list also includes other apps owned by the world's largest online social networking site (which does not seem to be affected by the Cambridge Analytica scandal passing through it): Facebook / Facebook Lite, Instagram and Messenger. Together, they were downloaded 188 million times.

In the top ten also came the mobile version of the PUGB game, also very popular on PCs and video consoles

On the iPhone, the ranking is also driven by WhatsApp, with 9.15 million downloads. Second place was the Fortnite mobile game (8.71 million).

The list also includes popular Android apps such as: PUGB Mobile, Messenger, Facebook or The Sims Mobile.

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