Top 10 Most Affected Smartphones

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Unfortunately, buying a smartphone provided by one of the renowned brands does not guarantee the flawless operation. On the contrary, the products of one of the most popular companies actually fail most often.

The Xiaomi Redmi 4 is the smallest smartphone from a renowned brand, but Xiaomi is the weakest manufacturer, according to the Mobile Device Repair and Security Report. This undesirable distinction belongs to Samsung's South Koreans

The Galaxy S7, the Galaxy S8 Plus and the Galaxy S7 Active are just a few of the Samsung products that go more often to the service center than would be the case. In the top 10 smartphone products with the highest failure rate in 2017, the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Galaxy S6 also come in.

In spite of its reputation as indestructible phone maker, Nokia today is not what it once was, with the Nokia 6 model having an over-average failure rate, even if in terms of the number of phones sold and serviced, HMD Global manufactures a honorable place 7 in the ranking

Considering the huge number of phones delivered, Samsung's positioning among the top smartphone manufacturers with the highest defect rates is not a surprise, but the average of 34% of faulty mobile phones is a concern

Surprisingly, though, as a brand ranked No. 8 in the overall standings, none of Huawei's products have entered the top 10. This shows that none of the Huawei models pose particular problems in defect rate

Divided into two categories, Android and iOS, the ranking marks the iPhone 6 as the weakest Apple phone, followed by the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus series

As for the motives of putting mounds in the service as defective, the bothersome drop in performance is the main cause of Android devices, followed by camera and microphone malfunction. In the Apple camp, issues related to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection are the main concerns for users, while the look of performance did not even go into the top 10. The explanation is simple: Apple sells premium phones only, while the Android platform covers all the price categories.

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