Top 10 most powerful Android phones, according to the AnTuTu benchmark (June 2018 edition)

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Cheap or powerful but expensive phones. For buyers of Android phones there is also a middle way – choosing an Asian flagship that promises the full performance expected from the product a well-known brand at a better price

Unlike the iOS camp, top performance is not a "privilege" reserved for those willing to accept three-pointer prices for a mobile phone. Available on any smartphone manufacturer to include in their own smartphone models, high-end chipsets such as the Snapdragon 845 have appeared in priced devices starting at 360 euros (Xiaomi Mi 8), yet delivering performance at the Galaxy S9 level, a phone almost three times more expensive

Top Android Phones – AnTuTu 7:

  1. Xiaomi BLACK SHARK: 287759
  2. VIVO NEX S: 284227
  3. OnePlus 6: 282275
  4. Xiaomi Mi 8: 273221
  5. Smartisan Nut R1: 273152
  6. Samsung Galaxy S9 +: 262561
  7. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S: 262396
  8. Samsung Galaxy S9: 261918
  9. Sony Xperia XZ2: 251387
  10. ZTE Nubia Red Magic: 214580

The ranking was decided based on the average score obtained with each device, analyzing at least 1000 results retrieved from users running the AnTuTu 7 benchmark on their device during June 2018.

However, it should be said that the resulting top only indicates the absolute performance level of the devices, without taking into account factors that improve the user experience. For example, a high-resolution screen can improve the perceived image quality, but it has a negative impact on performance. The same can be said about optimizations made to increase performance to the detriment of energy consumption. A slightly faster smartphone in benchmarks is not necessarily better if the battery fails to meet a demanding usage regime

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