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About two years ago I first owned a pair of wireless headphones. I received a gift from the telecom operator when buying a new smartphone. Since then I have not returned to wired models when I used my smartphone to listen to music, radio stations or YouTube videos on the go. I did not make the switch, like others, because my phone did not have a 3.5 mm universal audio jack. In fact, I did not have a phone that does not include this feature. I was simply conquered by the comfort of the cordless headphones. They do not have a cable that hangs in the zippers, they get tangled every time you put them in your pocket or break up by the plug. I still understand those who still prefer wired headphones because many of these models offer superior sound quality, unmatched by wireless versions

We have used up to five models of Bluetooth headphones for quite long periods of time. I thought it would be useful for those interested in these devices to make a ranking based on personal experience.

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5. Anker SoundBuds Sport. We bought this model because of the price. I paid 18 pounds on, without shipping costs. For these money, headphones offer decent performance. Made of plastic, Anker SoundBuds do not have very good plugs. Included in the package are made of a strong rubber that does not isolate well and damages the sound. I changed the plugs with some silicone SkullCandy and the performance improved substantially. However, a disturbing feature remains. Headphones come into stand-by / sleep after a while, even when connected to the smartphone. You often put them in your ears and start talking after you answer a call, but you find that the interlocutor does not hear you. To reactivate them, you must press the Power button. Unfortunately, this feature, which has the role of conserving the battery, can not be deactivated.


- Price and decent performance

- Successful design with ear pillars

- They have magnetic system (even if weak), which keeps them sticking to each other


- Medium sound with original plugs

- Medium Autonomy

- Stand-by function is annoying

4. Samsung Level U. These were the first Bluetooth headphones I owned. With an avant-garde design at their time, headphones offer decent sound quality and average battery life of about six hours for music. I did not like the shape of the plugs, which in my ears refused to stand firm even though I tried all the sizes delivered in the box. Moreover, after a while, the rubber on one side of the neck support was loosened.


- Designed successfully

- Decent battery autonomy

- Sound quality "OK"


- The plugs did not "settle" with my ears

- Not very solid construction, at least in the first batches

3. Nokia Wireless Active (BH-501). These were the first helmets that thanked me totally, although they did not excel in any chapter. However, I am a "fair" product that does not disappoint ordinary users. The design is successful, and the magnetic system that keeps the headphones on the chest is strong. With classical plugs, headphones are well in the ears. The battery's autonomy is about six hours for music, and the design with no wearing system makes them comfortable in any season. I also appreciate the remote on the wire, which also includes the microphone. Moreover, they are resistant to water and dust (IP55 certification). What's bothering me with Nokia Active is the unpleasant smell of headphones that does not disappear. It is, I think, a substance used in construction.


- Sound decent

- Dust and water resistance

- They are comfortable in any season


- The headphones have a bad smell that does not disappear

2. Creative Outlier Sports For a long time these were my favorite wireless headphones. The sound quality is very good, the design is successful, and the classic plugs fit well in the ears. But the magnetic system that holds the helmets on the chest is missing. And this model offers waterproof (IPX4) and has a remote control on the wire. In order not to fall out of the ears, Outlier Sports has rubber flaps that secure to the pavilion. Moreover, battery life is excellent for headphone sizes and exceeds seven hours of music.


- Very good sound quality

- Water resistance (sweat, light rain)

- Good Battery Autonomy


- The magnetic system that keeps the headphones attached to the chest when not in use

1. Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC. Right, with the money you give on this model, you can buy all the others in the article. But you get some of the best premium Bluetooth headphones ever launched. Designed for business professionals, headphones can also be used for personal purposes, for music or outdoor activities. The Voyager 6200 UC delivers great sound and is very well-featured with features and features: it offers passive and active cancellation of background noise, voicemail, "heavy-duty" autonomy (16 hours for music), dedicated Mute button, vibration for calls, four omni-directional microphones for calls. The very complexity of the helmets brings with it the only negative point I have found: the size of the wearing system on the neck. Excellent for use in the office, headphones are not comfortable even when they are used far beyond it, especially in winter when you wear a shirt, scarf and thick coat


- Excellent sound quality

- Many smart features

- Large battery autonomy


- They are bigger than the consumer models

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