Smartphone clone makers are never in vain. Sometimes it releases a phone copy just before the model is announced. AnTuTu gives us some interesting statistics about big brands and phone models that Chinese clone manufacturers most often targeted in 2017.

The first place was Samsung; 36.23% of the clones appeared in 2017 copied popular smartphone models from South Korea's corporate portfolio. Apple ranked second with 7.72%. Among the top five companies targeted by clone manufacturers are: Xiaomi (4.75%), Oppo (4.46%) and Huawei (3.40%)

In China, clones of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + have already emerged, smartphones that Samsung will present next month.

The top of the most cloned smartphones in 2017 include the Galaxy S7 Edge, the Galaxy S7 Edge (Chinese version), the Galaxy S7 (European version), the Samsung W2016 and the iPhone 7 Plus

Although they are much cheaper than original models, clones are typically made of poor quality materials and expose users to high risks of personal data security.

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