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In a world that is becoming more and more complicated, everyone is longing for a simplification of their processes in as many areas as possible. Just as we expect Apps on the Smartphone to combine as many capabilities as possible in one application, we hope that the software on our workstations will be easy to understand, clear and yet multifunctional. So what if there was a program with which you would find tasks such as quoting, order processing, billing, inventory management, calculations and much more properly prepared in your company? An all-encompassing solution that saves you a lot of work? We looked at TOPIX Enterprise, a program for medium and large companies that promises all that. We have dedicated ourselves to the field of order processing, administration and processing.

TOPIX Enterprise: Important Functions at a Glance

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM with cockpit, distribution projects and automatic supply tracking)
  • Order processing (offers, orders, delivery notes, invoices)
  • Retailing (purchasing, shipping,
    warehouses, production, etc.)
  • Finances ( Financial accounting, fixed assets, cost accounting, etc.)
  • Personnel (travel, time recording, salary, recruiting)
  • Services (acquisition, projects, etc.)
  • In addition: chats, polls, workflow, campaigns, correspondence, deadlines, archiving

Order Processing with One-Click Workflow

First of all: Even if administrative tasks such as order processing or merchandise management are more associated with Windows programs, you as an Apple user can use TOPIX Enterprise completely be calm. The software has also been around for Mac OS X for decades. It runs stably, lean and efficiently on any Mac. And even on the go you do not have to worry about access and compatibility, there is a complementary iPhone and iPad app as well as an online access to your data.

But what exactly is the program? Let’s start with some of the most important tasks. With TOPIX Enterprise you create quotes, order confirmations, delivery notes and invoices, which is the core of most business activities. Very pleasant here is the one-click workflow, with a direct automatic data transfer is guaranteed. Existing data is integrated quickly, but you can still change all positions and conditions manually and adapt them to your needs. You literally do not have to bend your finger to let data from a quotation into an order or a delivery note flow into an invoice or vice versa. If you wish, the subject or initial and final texts are adopted and all relevant parameters are automatically transmitted to financial accounting. Also, individual discounts for special customers can be anchored here.

Keywords Automation

Already with the first steps with the TOPIX program you will notice that the Automation level is enormously high, without losing the necessary flexibility. Almost all information from article, material and service directories can be directly transferred to customer inquiries, quotations, orders, delivery notes or invoices. You do not lose the opportunity to adapt customer-specific entries such as payment terms. After all, they too automatically find their way from the specifications of your company data to the newly created documents, as well as special prices or explanatory texts. In addition, with TOPIX Enterprise you can request an evaluation of the data at any time. Controlling is possible in this way quickly and easily.

The Benefits of TOPIX Enterprise

Companies rely on the fact that every work process wastes as little energy, resources and time as possible – and at the same time satisfies the employees at the same time. This is exactly the approach that TOPIX pursues. For retail and enterprise resource planning, the enterprise software covers all the processes of a standard process chain. Thus, you do not have to acquire additional, non-coordinated programs for your administrative work steps, but receive everything quickly, clearly and simply from one source. Your employees are always on the same level with TOPIX Enterprise and they also enjoy a high degree of automation, which greatly facilitates and accelerates their daily work.

Despite all automatic processing, you can flexibly configure all modules of the program. And if you do not need some of the offerings that Enterprise offers, you can simply omit them and modularly use only those capabilities that matter to you, whether you’re using Apple’s macOS or Microsoft’s Windows. Another important point is the constant development of the program. As a user, you benefit from TOPIX’s decades of experience and development, which guarantee every customer continuity and security.

You can see just how extensive the enterprise software is, that even a telephone connection, the dispatch of mailings and An analysis report for statistical evaluations are possible. Finally, it is worth mentioning how clearly complex production steps are depicted in TOPIX itself and how small the administration effort of the program is.


Forms beautifully in form

With all the automation you do not have to fear that your bills will look like they come from the tax office. Each form can be designed and optically adapted to your corporate identity. Thus, your documents look as if they were personally designed and sanctioned by the graphic designer, but in the background are highly effective algorithms that save your employees a lot of work.

At the end of the processing chain are often printed or emailed – and TOPIX does that too. Even the accompanying mail cover letter can be automated, a desired PDF is simply added to outgoing mail without you having to worry about it.

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