TotalSoft Founder Launches Artificial Intelligence Startup


Liviu Dragan, the founder of IT companies Charisma and TotalSoft, presented a new business, this time in the field of artificial intelligence - Druid SA

The businessman announced an investment of 1.5 million euros in this new business, of which 800,000 euros were already allocated, according to Mediafax

Druid SA is a platform that uses the analysis algorithms of all existing business information in an organization to provide an advanced way of assisting in decision-making, according to platform developers. "I think that, as ordinary consumers can make more and more personal services with their mobile phone, the same must be done in business operations - financial, HR, sales, etc.", declares Liviu Dragan, in a press conference

Druid addresses companies in any industry (health, production, utilities, services, retail and distribution, financial-banking, etc.) with a chatbots building and configuration platform that allows users to communicate directly with the multitude of software applications used within the organization. The Druid Platform provides virtual assistants that can be used in customer service, sales, marketing, human resources, or financial-accounting. Druid's services are intended for both the company's internal clients and employees, as well as external partners, all available through the web

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"In June we will activate the first Druid platform that will have virtual assistants available for customer support, sales, technicians and human resources, assistants scheduled to execute over 200 tasks. Platform users will be able to build their own assistants, instructing them to cover certain business areas, or connect them to different applications to provide relevant information and assist in making decisions, "said Liviu Dragan.

The Druid platform uses technologies from cloud and artificial intelligence partners (Azure, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Bot Framework) as well as a range of widely used communication channels (Facebook Messanger, Skype, WeChat, Twilio or Slack). being complementary to any internal computer system used by a company.

The software addresses businesses ("business-to-business") and would function as a monthly subscription basis. "There was no fixed subscription price. We estimate it could be about 20 euros per month per user - of course, it could be 10 or 30 euros, but it can also be free of charge depending on the partner, "the entrepreneur said.

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