TP-Link has launched the new Mesh Wi-Fi Whole-Home Deco M6 and the Kasa Cam KC120 Security Camera at Mobile World Congress 2018.

Deco M6 is a network solution that offers Internet with extensive coverage and optimal security through TP-Link HomeCare. The product features Trend Micro integrated anti-virus and malware protection for a secure Wi-Fi experience

Deco integrates TP-Link HomeCare, a Trend Micro advanced control options package. The parental control feature facilitates the management and monitoring of children's access to the network and the Internet by assigning user profiles that block certain applications and sites, setting the time limit, and setting age filters for responsible access. The Quality of Service feature allows you to prioritize bandwidth for the most important applications or devices, so when viewing a movie, you can prioritize streaming media player for 4K playback

Configure it via Bluetooth and the smartphone application without the need for a wired connection. Deco M6 is compatible with the Zigbee protocol and is able to connect to existing Smart Home devices without using a hardware bridge

The Deco M6 uses a quad-core processor platform and supports the dual AC1300 Wi-Fi communications standard, capable of up to 400 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band and 867 Mbps on the 5 GHz band, using MU- MIMO to transfer data to multiple devices simultaneously. The Deco M6 is made up of three units that can be personalized to suit the diverse Wi-Fi coverage needs, providing up to 418 square meters of continuous coverage. Up to 10 Deco M6 units can be added to a single network for large Wi-Fi coverage

Kasa Cam KC120

TP-Link Kasa Cam KC120 is easy to install and transmits video streams at 1080p at 130 ° angle. The Kasa free application can be accessed from any location. With two-way audio communication, Kasa Cam can also be used to monitor the baby.

With Kasa, you can view live, access camera recordings, or turn other Kasa products on or off

Notifications for the KC120 can be easily configured. If motion and sound detection are enabled, Kasa provides a live view or recording for later viewing.

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