Trade War: Apple products are spared | Mac Life

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There was some speculation that Apple-made products in China are affected by customs tariff increases. But the Trump administration has not extended the scope of its protectionist measures to high-tech products.

The lobbying of Apple and others US tech companies seem to have been successful. Another behavior would probably have been very bad for the US economy. When the proposal came to impose import duties on Chinese steel and aluminum, Apple users were already scared, Meanwhile, the list has been expanded to around 1,300 products, reports Reuters. Although some industrial products are included, consumer electronics seems to have been excluded, at least for now.

Almost all major IT and telecommunications products have been excluded. Mobile phones, laptops, PCs, servers and telecommunications equipment are largely excluded under the plan, which still has to undergo a public consultation period of about two months before its entry into force.

The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, whose members include Apple heard, Trump had warned that its proposed 10% tax on Chinese ITC imports would cost the US economy $ 163 billion.

But the trade war continues and China will also retaliate for US Take products.

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