Transforms Mobile Phone into a Thermovision Video Camera

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FLIR Systems, a reputable company in the field of thermal imaging systems, announces a new, more advanced and cost-effective version of the FLIR ONE accessory.

FLIR ONE Pro LT is available in iOS, Micro-USB, and USB C. The device connects directly to the data port, turning your mobile phone into a true thermal imaging camera that detects heat sources up to a distance of 100 meters.

The infrared images are displayed directly on the screen of the mobile phone, highlighting heat sources using a color palette starting from dark blue for the coldest and brightest portions of strong heat sources.

Developed by an industry-leading manufacturer with a wide range of professional thermal imaging equipment, FLIR ONE Pro LT is powerful enough to detect hidden heat sources inside or behind walls (19459004)

iPhone and Android compatible iPhone and iPhone compatible accessories can be purchased for $ 299, less than the majority of dedicated dedicated camcorders with thermal imaging capabilities.

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