Transposes handwritten notes directly into digital format

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Take a new sheet of A4 paper, attach a clip to one of the corners, and start writing your notes in real-time on the screen of a laptop that archives them digitally.

A group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have demonstrated a new type of touch sensitive paper that allows handwritten notes to be digitally transcribed. Interestingly, you do not need a special pen, you can even use your fingers to draw and turn the paper into a huge touchpad.

Designed for demonstration purposes, the new paper type differs only by the presence of a graphite-based electro-conductive substrate applied to the back. At about 30 cents per piece, touch-sensitive paper only requires attaching an interpreter, in turn connected to the PC using the USB interface

Compared with other systems that perform similar functionality, the new paper does not require the use of a special pen, or separate scanning of the resulting document. A possible application could be university exams, real-time digitized handwriting can be archived electronically and sent for correction to teachers immediately after the exam.

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