Trump Sets The Internet On Fire With Meme Of The CENTURY

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As we all know, President Obama was quietly pulling the strings behind the spy operation into the Trump campaign in 2016.

They were frightened to death of what might occur if Donald J. Trump oversaw the White House, so they thought getting earth and spying would help them in the political race.

Tragically (for them), the entirety of their bad dreams turned out to be genuine.

In spite of the fact that Democrats deny that Obama kept an eye on the Trump battle, WE THE PEOPLE know reality.

The entirety of that leads us to the previous evening, when President Trump chose to set the web ablaze and post a viral image that is most likely the best picture I’ve at any point seen. It’s a picture of Obama scaling the side of a structure with a listening gadget so as to keep an eye on Trump.

It’s extremely valuable.

Here it is in the entirety of it’s brilliance:


No inscription was given, and no subtitle was essential.

As you can envision, this tweet set the web ablaze.

It was posted under 12 hours back and it has about 260,000 preferences and 64,000 retweets!

What is your response to this amusing Trump image? Remark beneath.

(P.S. Try to share it all over internet based life to trigger the HELL out of the liberal media!!!)

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