Trump would like to "privatize" the International Space Station. Senator: "It would be a mistake"


According to NASA documents, the Trump administration wants to privatize the International Space Station, conveys Thought .

The White House wants to halt the funding for the space station after 2024, according to NASA documents quoted by Washington Post and Daily Mail, and is working on a transition plan to teach SSI to a private entity

"The decision not to fund the ISS in 2025 does not imply the abandonment of the station's activities - it is likely that the industry will continue to use various components of the SSI as an integral part of a future trading platform," the respective documents reveal.

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"NASA will expand international and commercial partnerships over the next seven years to ensure people's continued access to and presence in the Earth's orbit," he said.

The White House will present a budget request Monday, allocating $ 150 million for the fiscal year 2019 for the purpose of operating the SSI. The project will be funded to ensure the development and maturation of commercial entities in the context of the successors of the International Space Station

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According to Andrew Rush, CEO of Made in Space, "SSI was not built for profit but for space exploration." In turn, Republican Senator Ted Cruz advised the White House to give up this plan. "It is the stupidest thing you can do after investing billions of dollars in this, especially since there is still a serious potential to use," Cruz said.

About $ 100 billion of US taxpayers' money was invested in building and coordinating SSIs. Moreover, Boeing already manages the SSI on behalf of the US government, receiving annually 3-4 billion dollars for his effort

Last month, Boeing's space program manager, Mark Mulqueen, spoke about NASA's plans. "Waiver of the SSI would be a mistake, would threaten US supremacy and compromise the commercial market. It would also suffer from the scientific community, "Mulqueen said.

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