TSMC Starts A12 Production for iPhone

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The A12 chip is manufactured using the 7nm manufacturing process. This allows compared to the previous model, the A11 Bionic, probably in addition to an increase in performance, however, the possibility of saving energy. The 11 Bionic was also made by TSMC, but still in the 10nm process.

TSMC benefits from new manufacturing method

TSMC as a manufacturer also benefits from its new manufacturing process. The company can accommodate more chips on a wafer and thus has greater production capacity. At the same time, the price drops as the machines have to run for a shorter period of time.

The fact that TSMC managed to reliably produce on a 7nm basis has probably been the deciding factor for the company to do so Year is the only chip producer for Apple’s new smartphones. Samsung Expires Empty, states

Sales Programs Reduced

In its forecast for its upcoming quarterly report, TSMC initially cut its growth. It should no longer be between 10 and 15 percent, but only 10 percent. The consequence of this change is the reduced demand for smartphones in the second quarter of 2017 and the volatile market for cryptocurrencies.

Around 20 percent of this year’s sales is to be achieved via 7-nm chip production. Accordingly, TSMC could finally publish a quarterly report that surprised investors positively. Recently, Apple’s stock price had come under pressure as the chip maker published its forecast.

Androids Also Help TSMC

In addition to Apple, Qualcomm is also expected to have awarded an order for the Snapdragon 700 to TSMC. The high-end chip could be used in new Android smartphones at the end of the year.

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