Turn off key tones on iPhone – how it works

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Of course, real keyboards also make sounds, but unfortunately they are difficult to avoid. You can avoid, however, the sounds of the smartphone, with the mute control by the side of the iPhone is probably the simplest possible way to silence it. But there are two alternative ways.

First, pick up your iPhone and then open the Settings app. Scroll down a bit until you see the Tones & Haptics option and tap it. In the sound settings you can adjust the vibrations, the ringing and message tones as well as the system haptics. In the penultimate setting area, you will find the key tones. To permanently disable move the slider next to the entry “Keystrokes” to the left. After that, you can leave the settings app again.

As an alternative to the permanent deactivation in the settings and the short-term switching off via the slider on the iPhone, you can of course also simply adjust the volume via the hardware buttons on the side of the device.

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