Tutorials: "How to take pictures with the iPhone X" in German

Only a few years ago Days ago, Apple had uploaded new videos to the official YouTube channel that explained various camera features so you could take better photos and videos in the future. Now Apple has also refilled Germany and localized the videos, so they are now available in German.

While Apple has been holding workshops at its local stores for a long time to help you understand the features of your devices, the company recently began offering them online as videos. These are provided on both the official website and the in-house YouTube channel. Now, the company added new tutorials in German, pushing its campaign “How to take pictures with the iPhone X”.

In the new 20 to 30 second clips, Apple shows you how to capture better portraits, how to edit them, and how to pick the right moment for slo-motion shots. In addition, there are a few more features to discover that will bring you closer to the cameras and the various features of the iPhone X.


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