Twelve people were arrested in 2017 as a result of information leaks from Apple

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Already the leaks of information about new high-end smartphones are on the agenda, but that does not mean that there is no effort to limit the information that comes to the public before the time. But Apple seems to take these things very seriously, announcing in an internal blog that in 2017 no less than 12 people who provided information to the press were arrested. Ironic, this information was private, intended only for internal use, but it has somehow gotten on the Internet.

Bloomberg has most likely gained access from an Apple employee to the Apple document, which speaks exclusively about information leaks inside the company. In 2016, more leaks were made directly by Apple employees than by the partners providing the components (about 100), while in 2017 29 people were reported to have provided information to the press. Of these, 12 were arrested.

Apple warns employees that they can go to jail or be fined with very large amounts of money for stealing confidential information and for unauthorized access to private networks if they access documents that they would not normally have access to. Furthermore, employees are discouraged from liaising with various contacts in the specialized press.

Last year, iPhone X disclosure was made earlier by the daughter of an Apple employee who filmed the phone in great detail a few days before the launch event. These situations will probably be more rare now, as Appl seems to take these situations very seriously.

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