Twitter encourages users to change their password

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Who logs on to the short message service Twitter, which is very likely I greeted with an important message from Twitter, or received an e-mail. There is an urgent need to change your own password both on Twitter itself, as well as in all other services where you should have used it. Twitter states that it is not certain that the passwords have actually been spied out, but they should be changed for security.


Twitter in crisis?

Twitter, the underdog of social networks. For eleven years, the network knows how to inspire and disappoint: culturally groundbreaking, ... more

The background is a security breach discovered by Twitter itself. In a blog entry, the company announces that it has mistakenly saved the passwords in clear text in an internal log file. Normally these are only stored encrypted. A software error is said to have prevented the completion of this encryption.

Never use a password multiple times

Twitter also provides important tips for creating a new password in the blog entry. So these should never be used simultaneously with several services. If one of the providers hacked, so are the other services accessible. Also very useful is the activation of two-factor authentication. In addition to the password, this also requires a code that is sent to the user's smartphone, for example via a free SMS.

If a hacker could obtain her password, he would also need access to this activated second factor Your smartphone to log in. To manage the different passwords, Twitter also recommends using a password manager. For iOS and macOS there are several of these services, such as 1Password, Macpass or Dashlane.

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