Twitter joins embargo against virtual coins


After Google and Facebook took the initiative, Twitter is now also announcing that it will prohibit the promotion of Crypto-Coins and ICOs (initial coin offerings) through advertisements. Moreover, the embargo, which will take effect in two weeks, could also target virtual currency exchanges, with some exceptions.

In January, Facebook announced it will ban advertising used to promote Bitcoin and other virtual coins in an effort to counter misleading marketing practices. The measure will also be taken over by Google, and this type of ads will be excluded from the promotion platforms used by the company since June

Meanwhile, the quotes of the main virtual currencies seem to feel the effect of alarming news and the threat of stricter control by the authorities, with Bitcoin's price dropping in just two weeks from nearly $ 1,700 to just over $ 8,000, with a minimum $ 7350 this weekend.

A spectacular fall was also seen in the Ethereum currency, traded in the last hours at prices starting at $ 454, compared to over $ 1250 in January. At the moment, the recovery prospects are not encouraging at all, the reduction in advertising opportunities and the negative image of the unpredictability of trading prices, preventing the attraction of new buyers

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