Twitter Turns to the API: Twitterrific Removes Push Notifications

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A bit sad and a bit defiant, Iconfactory announces important changes to its App Twitterrific for iOS and Twitterrific for macOS. Both apps will lose two essential features with push notifications and live streams of discussion because Twitter will make drastic changes to the Twitter API, which will simply block Twitter app providers from accessing the platform.

Only in February, Twitter set its own Mac app. On the desktop sees the platform namely their future on the Web and would like to visit the browser. For developers who want to access Twitter as third-party apps with their own apps, Twitter introduces a new program interface called “Acount Activity API”. This sounds good, but it ceases the previous streaming services that depict push notifications and automatic timeline changes. On the 16th of August the new Twitter API will be activated.

Originally, Twiiter wanted to arm the changes as early as June. After protests, the developers were given three months to switch over. The upcoming changes are not Twitter’s first go to app developers and Twitter users. Years ago, tokens limited the growth of app alternatives. Now Twitter turns off alternative juice apps. What’s left is your own Twitter app.

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