Two brothers will be able to use the name "Steve Jobs" for their ready-to-wear brand



                                                     Two brothers may use the name "steve =" "jobs =" "for =" "their =" "mark =" "from =" "pr =" "/> </span><br />
<p class= This story, to say the least surprising, begins in 2012
when two young opportunists from Naples discover that the name of the
the late co-founder and PD-G of Apple, Steve Jobs, is not a registered trademark. Or
one or two, they decide to use it for their ready-to-wear brand.

" We did our market research and we
noticed that Apple, one of the world's best-known companies, has never
thought to register the mark of its founder. So we decided to
to make us

The Barbato brothers are then confronted with the armies of lawyers
from the American firm. After five long years of proceedings, the court
has just delivered his verdict. They will finally be able to use Steve's name
Jobs, but also the Logo in the shape of "J" which is inspired by the
famous Apple crunch apple. Despite the resemblance, "a letter is not
not a fruit and therefore, it is not a bite … "C.Q.F.D.A.D.L.M.F (What had to be shown with bad faith).



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