Two former employees of an IT company travel around the world with money earned from video clips with their amorous scenes

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Kim (22) and Paolo (27) are two young people who met during a sex party in three. The two fell in love, and soon afterwards they launched a business that now allows them to travel around the world.

They are filming making love in the exotic places they visit and not only uploading videos to a site that they own, called Hello Lustery. Whoever wishes to watch a material pays five dollars. The site also hosts records with other people.

Moreover, young people (who are also swingers) receive requests from companies who want them to film making love on their properties.

Now, the site provides them with enough income, and the two have resigned from their jobs in an IT company.

Kim and Paolo have been filming sex in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Greece, Argentina, Montenegro, Spain and Romania so far

In Italy they were caught in sex and publicly fined, and in France they were arrested for the same reason.

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