Two Formula One pilots were fined $ 6,000 for worn intimate underwear

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You've probably never gotten fine for the kind of intimate lingerie you're wearing, but it's as likely you are not to be pilots in an international racing competition. Well, two of the best Formula One champions, both of them in the TECHEETAH team, received fines of $ 6,000 because they did not wear the underwear under the regulation

Jean-Éric Vergne, the new Formula One international champion, was fined immediately after the New York race qualifiers, following inspection of the equipment by the competition's officials. His colleague Andre Lotterer suffered the same fate, the $ 6,000 being just the monetary penalty. In addition to money, each received three penalty points for the race patent. Like a driving license, it can be suspended or even canceled at a certain number of penalty points

However, it is unclear what rules the two drivers of TECHEETAH did not respect. The FIA ​​Formula E Championship regulation mentions that the intimate lingerie of pilots must be made of flame retardant materials, but in the past the former champion Lucas di Grassi was punished with three points in March because he was wearing too long intimate fireproof underwear.

The two pilots have not received any other penalties since the violation of the regulation took place during the qualification period, with few cars on the route and for less time than an ordinary race, thus endangering a smaller number of people. Apparently, pilots sometimes choose to violate the regulation of intimate underwear due to heat, electric vehicles producing very much heat in operation (especially the battery heats up)

Recently, in a demonstration of a new electric car championship that will use Tesla vehicles, a car overheated after just two circuit breaks due to a cooling system sensor failure. Since the batteries can burst at any time in the event of an accident, even minor, wearing the appropriate fireproof equipment can make the difference between life and death in such a situation

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