Two New Documentaries for Apple Music Announced


Flume has been talked about for some time now. The Australian musician and producer started his big career in 2011 with his first EP called Sleepless. A year later, followed by his first album. In his music genre Future Bass, he quickly became a star. In 2016 his last album "Skin" was released.

Since starting in 2011, Flume has collaborated with numerous other musicians, including Beck, Kai, Little Dragon, and more, showing off his skills in newly remixed songs by Lorde, Sam Smith, and other well-known artists. It is expected that the first documentary "Flume: When Everything Was New" will begin and shed light on the meteoric rise of the artist.

At the same time a second documentary titled "Sleepless: The Story of Future Classic" is published. While concrete information is in short supply, it can be assumed that this is about Flume's career in connection with the Future Classic label. The title-giving song "Sleepless" was the Flumes first big hit and has earned him the contract with the label.

On April 20, both of the documentaries, "Flume: When Everything Was New" and "Sleepless: The Story of Future Classic," will premiere exclusively on Apple Music.

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