Two policemen went to a chapel to unlock a smartphone with the fingers of the dead

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Two Florida policemen went to a Clearwater chapel to unlock a smartphone with the fingers of the dead whose device belonged to, according to local media. The man was killed in March by another policeman at a traffic light.

Victoria Armstrong, the fiancé of the dead, named Linus F. Phillip, said the incident had made her feel "raped". Although lawmakers have not violated the law by doing so, their action raises many ethical issues.

The phone has not been unlocked, however, in this case, by this method. Fingerprint sensors are made to work only when they detect signs of life.

However, according to sources, US authorities frequently use the fingers of the dead to unlock their iPhone smartphones. The issue of life signs has been resolved somehow.

Lieutenant Randall Chaney, the Largo police representative, said it was the first time a smartphone had been unlocked by this method in the unit. According to him, lawmakers are hoping to find evidence in the phone to complete the man's death investigation, but also for another case where Phillip is suspected of drug trafficking.

Police say the 30-year-old man was killed at a traffic light after attacking a policeman, but Phillip's family does not believe that.

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