Types of online accounts for which users feel the need to choose strong passwords


The number of people using complex passwords for each online account they have is very small. However, although users are generally not very careful about Internet security issues, there are three types of online accounts for which people feel the need to choose strong passwords.

When asked by the developer Kaspersky Lab security software, 63% of respondents indicated online banking accounts, 42% - payment applications, including e-wallets, and 41% online shopping accounts

"However, the difficulty of remembering complicated passwords means that people risk losing them and leaving no access to accounts. Two out of three people (38%) can not quickly recover their passwords after they lose them. This could create frustration and the stress of not being able to carry out normal activities, "according to a company press release.

Regarding the preservation of passwords, half of the respondents (51%) keep them in an insecure place , a quarter (23%) of them writing in a notebook so they do not have to remember them

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