Uber launches Uber Lite for those with limited data connections

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Uber has released a new version of its Android app called Uber Lite. This is dedicated to those who do not have very strong Internet connections on data networks or live in intermittent areas. The application is considerably smaller than the original one, it offers limited functionality but can be downloaded very quickly and serves the purpose of ordering a car without problems.

The new Uber Lite "weighs" just 5 MB and can be installed on any Android smartphone. This is especially for users who live in countries considered "emerging" whose infrastructure has not yet reached the technological advance. Thus, the app does not include the famous map showing the cars available in real time.

The whole interface is made up of text and icons, but it is quite intuitive to get a very fast machine. Once you enter the address and choose the desired Uber type, the application displays a progress bar and the time the driver will arrive.

The main target of this application is India, which is a very important market for many of the technology companies in the world. Here, Uber has only 35% of the ridesharing market. The main rival, Ola (40% market share), already has a "lite" application for a long time on the market that occupies only 1 MB, so it can be downloaded much faster

Currently, the app is only available on the Play Store in India, but this country is currently being used for testing, with other regions receiving access to Uber Lite in the coming months

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