Uber patented an AI system that can alert the driver when he is too tired or under the influence of alcohol

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Driving fatigue and alcohol consumption are two of the most common causes of road traffic accidents, drivers being ignorant or ignoring the danger they pose.

Equipped with high-performance road sensors and constantly monitoring the way the car is driven, autonomous systems based on AI technologies can act as a driver assistant, automatically braking the vehicle at danger or assisting in keeping track on the road. Another less intrusive feature described in a recent Uber patent application involves issuing alerts when the driver is out of "ordinary behavior."

Without involving alcohol vapor testing, the AI ​​system memorizes the driver's usual reactions, building a profile of behavior. Subtle differences such as slowing down response times or less steering control may indicate problems. However, the use of AI technologies goes further than that, video cameras on the vehicle tracking other signs that would also suspect a human observer: the clutches of mobile phone handling, too many typing errors when composing messages, the time spent in an application and imprecise browsing of their interface

Once a condition incompatible with driving a car is reported, the system may prevent the vehicle from being used, it is suggested to contact a previously established telephone number for assistance or to apply other safety measures.

At the idea, the system could be implemented for future car models with autonomous driving, parking assistance, or other amenities that require a sophisticated board computer.

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