Uber will impose a 12-hour daily activity limit for partner drivers


Despite the fact that in the western markets, Uber is a service that has been working for many years, the company has just decided to impose limits on partner drivers. In the next two weeks, the application will allow drivers to be active for only 12 consecutive hours, then force them to take a break. This decision comes in an attempt to eliminate the possibility of crashes on the road during Uber rides due to fatigue

This capability of the application will begin in the United States, where after the first ten hours of work continues, the driver will receive a notification that warns him that he is approaching the 12-hour limit. After all the time has elapsed, the application will no longer deliver new orders to the driver, which is forced to take a break of at least six hours. The measurement will be made using the GPS coordinates that the driver's smart device sends to the server, but long waiting times such as stops longer than five minutes will not be counted. However, stops at traffic lights and stops will be considered driving times

Also, if the driver performs two six-hour sessions a short distance between them, the limit will be imposed at the end of the second session, requiring six hours of rest to be able to retrieve orders. These limits will also be adapted to local laws in force, with some American states lawfully providing the opportunity to work as a driver for 13 hours. The US Uber rival, Lyft, has already imposed a 14-hour limit with a six-hour break.

This capability could become active in other markets, including Romania, but we do not have any concrete information about this possibility at this time. However, considering that many Uber drivers operate on multiple services at the same time, such as Taxify or Lyft, the new limit will probably not completely eliminate the tired drivers after many hours of driving

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