Ulysses 13 released for iPhone, iPad and Mac

If you are already using Ulysses to write your text, you should check your devices for updates

Ulysses V13 is here

All others who have so far refrained from the editor could perhaps be retuned by the new features.

So Ulysses now has the Improved handling of code blocks. When writing these are now spread on as many paragraphs as necessary. As soon as you press Enter, the input for the code block is not automatically terminated. In addition, the program code sections now use syntax highlighting. The highlighting is integrated with 40 different programming and scripting languages.

Deadlines, Daily Targets, and More

In addition, you can now also set deadlines. The app then recalculates how many words or characters you need to write at least on a given day to reach your goal.

Also new are daily writing targets. No novelist and non-fiction author has yet fallen from the sky. However, the app can help you with the daily goals to do a bit more. Every morning the destination is reset and you can try again to complete your “Ulysses” project. In this context, you can also look at a statistic and visualization of how you have met your goals.

Keywords and images become colorful

Ulysses usually deals with colors very sparingly. Unless you create or choose a colorful topic. But while it may distract you from working with the text, it helps in the search. Therefore, you can now highlight tags in color.

In the Inline view in the editor, pictures were last displayed in black and white only. You now have the option to display them in color. Also at the risk of distracting you from working again.

Ulysses is available in both the Mac App Store for Mac and the App Store for iPhone and iPad .

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