Up to 100 liters of rain: flooding now threatens


In the south, it comes from noon to heavy thunderstorms and storms. The big problem is the heavy rain. The thunderstorms are moving very slowly and at the same time have loaded a lot of moisture. This means that it comes to real downpour. It can come down to 100 liters of rain per square meter within a short time, which is significantly more than the rain of a whole month.

There are floods on roads and on small rivers and streams. Even basements can run fast, so you should avoid these danger spots on Wednesday. Although the thunderstorms are limited in space, they can occur anywhere in the south, so be careful from Wednesday noon.

Weather Channel weather channel Weather Channel announces hail storms and storms up to 80 km / h. The thunderstorms are concentrated on the border with Austria and later along the French border.

The maximum values ​​increase to 22 to 32 degrees and the heat load due to the humid air is high. Physical exertion in the open air should be reduced to a necessary level.

In which areas exactly severe storms and floods threaten, shows the Web App Windy. On a satellite map, you can see detailed wind, temperature, and weather forecasts for Germany and the rest of the world.
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