Optimizing your own Windows system is a daily routine for many users: some of them manually adjust the settings, others use tools because the changes can be made faster. One of the possible software candidates for this is the slim XTR toolbox, which gives you access to various Windows functions.

How to use Rebuild Icon Cache to fix broken shortcuts in the taskbar, Start menu, or Explorer. The "Startup Manager" lets you set which programs are to be loaded at system startup - for example, if you do not want to load software immediately during startup, then left-click on the EXE file and then right-click with a click select the option "Disable"

A highlight is the menu item "Cleanup Tools". Because here you can not only remove extensions of the Chrome browser, but also empty a few Windows folders with a mouse click on "Junk File Cleaner". Gamers will also find an interesting option here, as "Steam Redist Packages" can be used to remove superfluous software packages such as the "Microsoft Redistributable Packages".


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