UPS UPS is the most "exclusive" car in the world, which is impossible to buy

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We would have expected the world's heaviest car to be a rare or very expensive racing car, but in fact UPS couriers from the United States are by far the most " exclusive "road machines. Not only are these cars not to be bought, they are not in the second hand, nor are they "dismantled", but the discarded cars are kept internally in the company after which they are destroyed

Whatever money you have to spend on a courier van, UPS will not sell any of your fleet cars . A company's internal policy prohibits their sale, as they are closely linked to the company's brand, becoming a true symbol on the streets of the United States. Thus, if these cars would reach the hands of anyone outside the company, the traffic behavior of the drivers that drive them could negatively affect the UPS image.

Consequently, old or problem cars are removed from the road, and they may have more use afterwards. They are either retained for good parts, or can be repaired by machines that are still in service or are in turn repaired, painted white and used for domestic or personal transportation. The latter are popularly called "albino" UPS machines and are rarely seen in public.

Finally, cars that can no longer be used or repaired arrive at the car cemetery to be destroyed, where an official UPS committee oversees each destruction in part to eliminate the possibility that the machine will remain in service and reach the streets .

So it does not matter who you are or how much money you have, but you can not buy a UPS van. The only option could be buying the entire company. With an estimated $ 99.7 billion, not even the richest people in the world, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg can afford to buy the company with the money down

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