US Agency Prohibits China Mobile Transactions in the US

The National Department of Commerce Telecommunications and Information Administration ( NTIA) advises the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to reject an application from China Mobile. Against the desire of China Mobile to enter the US telecommunications market, national security interests speak, reports the New York Times. The application has been available since 2011. China Mobile, which is majority owned by China (74.2 percent), wants to operate as a provider in the US and would need to connect its communication networks with the networks of other providers. This would open the door to Chinese surveillance in the US, according to the argument.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent authority in the United States. It regulates communication channels such as radio, satellite and cable. The FCC is also responsible for radio services ranging from amateur radio, mobile communications to radio remote controls. In addition, communication devices such as radios, televisions and computers must be approved by the authority. To do so, it tests equipment for compatibility with existing standards.

The US is still the largest economy, but growth in China is greater than elsewhere. Therefore, China will outstrip all other markets in the medium term. With 889 million customers, China Mobile is already the largest mobile service provider in the world. Since the turn of 2013-2014, Apple sells the iPhone via China Mobile. If the Chinese want to send a strong signal in their reaction to Trump, then it could hit Apple.

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