US intelligence chiefs urge citizens not to use Huawei smartphones, although they have not provided concrete reasons


Heads of six US intelligence services, including the NSA and the CIA, said citizens should not use Huawei smartphones. The Chinese company was recently on the brink of concluding partnerships with two major telecom operators in America, Verizon and AT & T, but its efforts have been frustrated at the last moment by political factors

The first Huawei smartphone to be officially distributed through AT & T was the Mate 10 Pro phablet. Such a partnership would have helped the company overtake Apple's rival, an important target for China's giant. As some experts have noted, it is not excluded that Apple has been lobbying for Huawei not to receive a green light

Heads of services have not presented any concrete evidence to show why these smartphones are dangerous, and so far independent security experts have found nothing suspicious of the devices produced by the company. US authorities accuse Huawei of having close ties with the Beijing Communist government and Chinese intelligence services. The company, which has denied these accusations, offers the US market with "free" smartphones that can be purchased from stores

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Huawei was founded by a former Chinese army engineer. Some US politicians have named the company "an arm of the Chinese government."

Asian company is the world's third largest player in the smartphone market after Samsung and Apple

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According to FBI Chief Chris Wray, the government should not leave a company or entity that does not share the democratic values ​​of the United States to gain a strong position in the telecommunications market, then to use it for spying.

Several US lawmakers consider introducing a law banning the use of Huawei and ZTE devices by public sector employees

"Huawei enjoys the confidence of governments and customers in 170 countries and does not involve higher IT risks than any other manufacturer," said a Huawei spokesman for the US television channel CNBC.

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