The US Department of Justice is pushing Facebook may disable end-to-end encryption in its messenger in case of criminal prosecution or break the encryption, which should apply to both text and voice messages, and if courts decide against Facebook, it could have serious implications for Apple.
The. Reuters reported that Facebook is in a running state In California, US federal courts have been asked to install an interception interface in Facebook Messenger so they can spy on a single person's voice messages. The case concerns gang crime.

The social media giant has so far refused to meet this demand. The only way to meet the requirements of the US Department of Justice would be to develop a new encryption algorithm that allows users to exclude end-to-end encryption.

Similar to other messaging products offered by vendors such as Apple, Facebook's Messenger is fully encrypted, i. Messages can only be viewed by senders and recipients. Messenger's end-to-end encryption technology has been limited to a "Secret Conversations" feature that covers text, photos, video and audio clips, but Facebook claims that voice messages are protected in the same way.

In any case, Facebook is apparently unwilling to cooperate with the government and its investigators. In response, the prosecution filed an application this week: Facebook must be convicted of contempt of court if it fails to comply with the request. The judge's decision on this matter could affect the entire industry as many companies offer their own end-to-end encryption solutions.

If the court decides in favor of the government, the US Department of Justice would have a precedent here. For example, other companies may be forced to disable their respective encryption solutions for surveillance purposes.

Apple was already faced with similar issues when a federal judge ordered that the FBI be assisted in extracting data from a locked iPhone from one of the assassins in San Bernardino was used. Apple then refused to follow the orders. The smartphone was then cracked by a private service provider.

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