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Motherboard from the VICE Network once again reports on the state of technology in US police stations. Local and regional facilities have recently been equipped with the tool GrayKey. It is a cheap solution that allows access to even modern iPhones.

US Police Harness iPhone Hack

For example, in Maryland and Indiana, but also at other police stations in the United States Either GrayKey has already been acquired by the US, or the police department is thinking

The US Department of State apparently also uses the tool. The Secret Service and Drug Enforcement Administration. The information Motherboard would have collected mainly from official documents of the relevant authorities and from discussions with those responsible in the institutions. There are, in some cases, the possibility of making official inquiries that the authorities are legally obliged to answer.

What is GrayKey?

GrayKey is a small box containing two iPhones simultaneously can unlock. There are two different variants of the tool. One costs $ 15,000 and requires a permanent online connection to function. Once set up, the device can not be used outside of a certain location. The more expensive solution for $ 30,000 also allows offline use, but uses a two-factor authentication system. Compared to another solution by the Israeli company Cellebrite, which is expected to cost a quarter of a million dollars in the annual subscription.

iPhone will be available at GrayKey for two minutes Device connected. Then you take it off and wait. Depending on how long the password of the user was, it sometimes takes only 30 seconds before the device was unlocked. Login and password as well as further functions can be read on the display.

GrayKey is developed by Grayshift, a company from Atlanta. The company also apparently owns a former Apple security engineer.

Dumps the FBI Public

Motherboard continues to report on new findings in this matter. Mainly because the FBI often emphasizes in public that it does not have access to iPhones from criminals and requires the integration of a backdoor. Encryption is also described by the FBI as a major security risk to the public.

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