USB-C magnetic lock for Mac and MacBook. The company LMP is bringing back the MagSafe mechanism. The Swiss-based company is currently presenting the Magnetic Safety Cable, which enables you to make more stable connections on both the Mac and the MacBook. In addition to two cables in 1.80 meters and three meters in length. There is also an adapter to make your existing cable fit for the magnetic port on the Mac.

LMP strives to increase the security of USB-C compliant devices, including Apple's latest MacBooks and the latest MacBook Pro, all with USB-C ports Insert the magnet adapter into the connector and use the appropriate cable called LMP Magnetic Safety Cable.

No more tug on cable anymore

You know the problem for which Apple even had a solution earlier. With the MagSafe adapter older MacBooks were charged stolen. However, with the introduction of USB-C, Apple has banished the technology from its portfolio.

LMP's Magnetic Safety Cable is quite right. The company from Switzerland has been offering Apple accessories for many years.

Silver and Space Gray Cable

LMP offers magnetic cable mounting in "Space Gray" and "Silver" colors at. The accessories are color-coordinated with the design of the new Apple computers.

Choose between a 1.80 meter cable or a three meter cable. The Magnetic Safety Cable supports power supply (USB PD Power Rules) with up to 100 watts charging current (up to 20V / 3.0-5.0A) and can be used with USB-C power supplies such as Apple USB-C Power Adapter 29W, 61W or 87W , But it does not transmit any data or video signals (DP Altmode).
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Make your cable to magnetic cable

Alternatively, LMP offers a magnetic adapter. With it you can simply "upgrade" your existing cables.

Prices and availability

You get the Magnetic Safety Cable in 1.80 meters length for the price of 30 Euro (RRP). For the longer cable 35 euros (RRP) are due. The Magnetic Safety Adapter is priced at € 25 (RRP).

According to LMP, the products are now available from vendors such as Comspot, Cancom and Cyberport. Samples from Mac Life have shown that none of the listed suppliers currently has the product in their product range.

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