USB Restricted Mode on iPhone with adapter tricked

Surely you have followed the discourse about the unlocking of iPhones by judicial and police authorities, especially in the USA ssion busy. Law enforcement agencies and especially the Federal Police (FBI) repeatedly complained that today’s smartphones should be provided with backdoors. Instead, Apple took a different route.

USB Restriced Mode Overridden?

Because iOS 11 already made Apple think that after seven days of standby mode, the Lightning connector was just power transferred, but no more data. With the recent release of iOS 11.4.1 and also with iOS 12, Apple attracts the thumbscrews. After only one hour of inactivity, you can only charge the battery on the device, but not transfer data without request.

According to Elcomsoft, the USB Restricted Mode can not be leveraged via software as soon as it is switched on. However, if you reset the iPhone, the smartphone has noticed that it can not transfer data via the Lightning port.

Trick with adapters

But Apple has made the bill without IT forensics , Because Elcomsoft now reports that the USB Restriced Mode may even outsmart with the help of Apple’s own adapter. At the very least, connecting an adapter (from third-party manufacturers) will automatically extend the deadline. As soon as you connect an adapter, the countdown is reset. According to Elcomsoft this applies to Apple’s own camera adapter. On the other hand, for example, the Lightning to 3.5-mm jack adapter does not help the function.

Everything half so wild?

But it is important above all: An adapter can be the USB Restrict Restricted Mode only if it is not already active. When law enforcement authorities confiscate an iPhone that has been used in the last hour, the authorities are in a hurry. Because the mode is active after one hour of non-use, even the adapter can not change it. So everything is so wild.


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