Use HomePod with AirPlay – without internet connection


We nn you an Apple TV (3. Gen or new) call your own, then you probably already know that you can use the set-top box without active Wi-Fi network as an AirPlay receiver, so as to be able to mirror your iPhone or iPad on a TV or projector , Of course, even if the HomePod can not stream or output video, AirPlay makes audio transmission a similarly simple one.

How to use the HomePod without WLAN

Before you can use the HomePod without an Internet connection or Wi-Fi network, you need a little preparation. To do this, open the Home app on your iPhone or iPad and tap the Location icon in the upper left corner. Then under “Speaker”, tap “Allow speaker access”. Now select the entry “Allen”. Of course, not to give everyone in the area access to your HomePod, drag the slider to the right next to “Password Required” to enable the feature.

Note that enabling this feature applies to all HomePods. Speakers in your home and all AirPlay 2 speakers.

After making the settings, you can remove your HomePod from power and place it in the new desired location (for example in the garden) and connect it.

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