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With iOS 11, Apple has introduced the option to share the booked storage plan as part of family sharing. We’ll show you step by step how to expand your storage on iPhone and then invite a family member to use cloud storage.

It’s a bit like a virus: if you use Apple products, your partner will also get their benefits, and often it will not be long before he or she gets around to it, too The iCloud family release is a skilful move by Apple to back it up – good for Apple, as it is a pretty fe It creates a bond that is good for users, as family sharing makes everyday problems easier and saves money.

Members of the family can share most of their purchases with others in the various iOS stores. An Apple Music subscription can also be shared with six people. It then costs only 14.99 euros compared to 9.99 euros for the single subscription. Common calendars, reminders and photo albums that most families use anyway, you get with them. In addition, all purchases will be billed via a central credit card. To keep things from getting out of hand, you can make purchases from children subject to approval.

Another option is to share the iCloud storage plan via Family Release. One member completes a larger storage subscription and makes it available to others. That is, all use the booked space together. Even in a family of four, a 200-gigabyte plan for 2.99 euros per month is about one euro cheaper than four small accounts à 50 gigabytes. In addition, the space is used more effectively. If one member needs less, the others have more space available. The following shows how to enable shared storage.

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